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Add translation file for PT langage

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# Dolibarr language file - fr_FR - hosting
Module110100Name=Hosting module
Module110100Desc=Hosting administrative management into Dolibarr ERP/CRM
Permission110101=See hosts
Permission110102=Add / edit hosts
Permission110103=Delete hosts
HostingModulesFamily=Hosting family
HostingDictCategory=Hosts categories
HostCategoryShortDEDICATED=Dedicated hosting
HostCategoryShortSHAREDHOSTING=Shared hosting
HostCategoryShortVIRTUALMACHINE=Virtual Machine
HostingNumberingModules=Hosting numbering modules
HostingMigrateRefExplanation=Migrate to new reference system (generate a reference for existing hosts)
HostingMigrateRefLaunchMigration = Launch migration of new references
# About page
HostingAbout=Hosting module - About
HostingAboutPage=About hosting module
HostingAboutLibrethic=This module is maintained by Libr&thic. For more information, please visit website
ConfirmDeleteHost=Confirm delete host?
DeleteHost=Delete host
ErrorBadHostName=Incorrect hostname
Hosts=Hosts list
HostAdd=Add host
HostsList=Hosts lists
HostDetail=Host details
NoHost=None host
HostingBack=Back to hosting
AddNewHostExtension=add a new extension
ListOfHostExtension=Host extension list
ListOfLatestHostExtension=Latest extensions list
SeeAllExtensions=See all extensions
HostDateC=Creation date
NbOfHosts=Number of hosts
BoxLasthosts=last hosts
BoxTitleLasthosts=%s latest added hosts
LastCreateHosts=Latest added hosts
HostDeleted=Host deleted
HostingSetup=Hosting module setup
HostAddSuccess=Hosts added successfully
HostDeleteSuccess=Hosts deleted successfully
HostUpdateSuccess=Hosts updated successfully
RelatedHosts=Related host(s)
HostCard=Host card
HostCategoryFormLabel=Host category
HostIsUsed=L'hôte est utilisé par d'autres objets
GetIpFromHostname=Get IP address from hostname
ActionsOnHost=Events about host
NoRecordedHosts=No host recorded
SelectHost=Select host
LinkedHost=Linked host
NoHostLinked=No host linked
LinkToExistingHost=Link to an existing host
HostId=Host ID
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